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Modules of ERP

Customizable Dashboard

Easily configure the dashboard to display key metrics, charts, and reports and view, monitor and analyze data that are really important to your business in real-time. Our ERP solution offers a customizable dashboard that provides a comprehensive overview of your business operations in a single window.

Procurement and Inventory

Optimize your supply chain with our Procurement and Inventory module! From purchase orders to inventory management, our module provides you with complete control over your procurement process. Say goodbye to stockouts and overstocking and say hello to efficient, cost-effective inventory management.

Suppliers and Customers

Switch to streamline accounts payable and receivable management, and never worry about manual invoice processing! Our Suppliers and Customers module simplifies the entire process, from invoice creation to payment processing, allowing you to focus on growing your business.

Treasury and Taxation

Stay on top of your finances with our Treasury and Taxation module! From managing bank accounts to processing tax payments, our module makes it easy to manage your finances and comply with tax regulations.

Asset Management

Maximize your assets’ lifecycle and ROI with our Asset Management module! From acquisition to disposal, our module provides you with complete visibility and control over your assets. Optimize asset utilization, reduce maintenance costs, and improve your bottom line with our Asset Management module.

Financial Reporting

Stay informed with our comprehensive Financial Reporting module! Our module provides you with detailed insights into your financial performance handling everything from financial statements to cash flow analysis. Make informed decisions and stay ahead of the competition with our Financial Reporting module.


Empower your HR team with our all-in-one HRMS solution! From onboarding to offboarding, our module streamlines HR-related tasks, allowing you to manage the Payroll, Leave and attendance, and all the employee-related functions with our integrated HRMS solutions.

Streamline your workforce management with our Employee Portal. Enhance employee communication with the administration to improve efficiency and productivity within your organization. Our Employee Portal gives your employees access to a centralized platform to view and manage their personal information, leave requests, timesheets, and more.


Streamline your manufacturing process with our Manufacturing module! From production planning to final output, the module provides you with complete control over your manufacturing process, inventory control, cost compositions and accounting entries with our integrated manufacturing solution.

POS for Restaurants and General Trading

Take your sales to the next level with our POS module! From inventory management to payment processing, our module simplifies the entire sales process, allowing you to focus on providing the best customer experience. Increase revenue, reduce costs, and improve customer satisfaction with our POS solution.


How We Do It

At Techcess Business Solutions (Pvt) Ltd, we understand that each organization has unique requirements when it comes to ERP solutions. This is why we take a comprehensive and collaborative approach to development— combining cutting-edge technology with industry expertise to deliver customized ERP solutions that meet your specific needs. We work closely with our clients throughout the development process, ensuring every aspect is aligned with their goals. With a focus on transparency, quality, and communication, we ensure that you are involved every step of the way. We are agile in our development, strict with our quality control, and thorough with our maintenance and support.

Why Choose Us for Your ERP Solutions?

As an ERP software solution provider, we are dedicated to delivering customized and innovative solutions to meet your specific organizational needs. Working with many clients across many industries, we have the knowledge and the expertise to deliver a seamless solution and the experts to execute it. However, we believe the reasons for anyone to choose us for their ERP solution goes beyond our expertise, experience and people as…

  • We provide solutions not just software, which is why we work with you to develop a solution where no function or module goes unused.
  • We take the time to share our experience and expertise to help guide you through the process and find the best ERP solution for your situation.
  • We focus on our service just as much as our solutions, which is why we ensure effective post-implementation support.
  • We are dedicated to being your long-term partner, providing ongoing support to ensure the success of your ERP solution.