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Our system covers the entire operations, including,

Admission Management

No more time-consuming paperwork and lengthy admission procedures! With our Admission Management module, you can streamline your admissions process from application to enrollment, and everything is managed online.

Student, Parent and Staff Database Management

Managing your school community has never been easier! With our powerful Database Management module, you can store, update and access all your student, parent and staff information in one secure place. No more endless spreadsheets.


Timetable Management

Our Timetable Management module enables you to easily create, edit and manage Clash free timetables for all your classes and teachers, ensuring that everyone knows where they need to be and when. No more confusion, just seamless scheduling and reports.

Fee Management

Managing school fees has never been this stress-free! Our Fee Management module lets you effortlessly manage fee payments, generate invoices and receipts, and even send reminders for overdue payments. Stay on top of your school’s finances with ease.

Internal and External Communication Management

With our Communication Management module, you can now easily communicate with Parents and staff via our integrated messaging system. Stay connected with your school community, no matter where they are!

Student and Staff Attendance Management

Keep track of attendance like a pro! Our Attendance Management module makes it easy to monitor student and staff attendance, view attendance reports and track absenteeism.

Exam Management

Make exam season a breeze with our Exam Management module! Easily create, schedule and manage exams, generate reports, and analyze results. Give your students the best chance at success with our comprehensive Exam Management system.


How We Do It

We understand the challenges that come with managing a school, and that’s why we have developed comprehensive software that caters to all your needs. Our software is an all-in-one solution that enables you to handle everything from student records management, attendance management, staff management, examination management, financial management, and academic management from a single place. Providing seamless integration with multiple platforms, we make it easy to access data from different devices, locations, and even time zones. We help with all the customizations you need to make the solution fit your organization.

Why Choose Us for Your School Management?

We are dedicated to providing feature-rich, flexible, and scalable school management software solutions on the market. Our years of experience and team of experts have given us a deep understanding of the challenges faced by schools in today’s ever-evolving business landscape. However, the reasons for choosing us as your development partner goes beyond our skills, expertise, and people as…

  • We provide solutions, not just software which is why we work with you to develop a solution where no function or module goes unused.
  • We take the time to share our experience and expertise to help guide you through the process and find the best solution for your situation.
  • We focus on our service just as much as our solutions, which is why we ensure effective post-implementation support.
  • We are dedicated to being your long-term partner, providing ongoing support to ensure the success of your business.